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Start Up Program

Start Up Program

Consulting & marketing

+ Consulting and analysis
+ Marketing strategies

Technical platform

+ Web development
+ Maintenance

Our toolbox

Boost your startup with over 500,000€ in credits and discounts on hundreds of digital tools.

Public loans and grants

Discover hundreds of
public grants and loans.


Accelerate your profitability


Accelerate your technical development

Head of sales

Benefit from a team of experts

An expert team

We provide CTO, CMO or Head of Sales consulting and development services for startups to take them to the next level. We invest our time, experience and resources to build your team together.

Program starting from 2.000 € HT / month.

Grow your startup with Maze

Make a free online appointment with one of our specialists and get the support you need. 

Need a CTO?

We will build your technical team.

We help startups cope with the recruitment of developers by building remote development teams.

We select or recruit developers according to your needs. We not only find competent developers, but also colleagues who fit into your culture and become part of your organisation. We provide continuous and integrated support to ensure a successful cooperation.

Whatever the need, our goal is to ensure that you and your team are satisfied and working productively.

Need a CMO?

Our mission is to facilitate growth and increase sales by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that will promote brand recognition and help your company gain a competitive advantage. Our CMO work produces top-notch results, as marketing efforts increase brand awareness, recognition and loyalty, resulting in increased sales.

Our responsibilities:

  • Understand the company’s position in the market, using traditional methods as well as newer technologies such as data analysis.
  • Determine how and where the company should be positioned in the future.
  • Develop the strategy to lead the company to this future market position.
  • Implement this strategy.

Need a sales strategy?

Our mission is to shape your sales organisation and take revenue to the next level. The first step is the development of a sales strategy and the establishment of an account team, whether this is through the recruitment of specialist sales staff or an automated online route.

Our responsibilities :

  • Review all plans and strategies to develop the business and achieve the company’s sales targets.
  • Prepare forecasts and KPI reports for use in organisational planning, financial forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning.
  • Build a process and funnel for manual contact, onboarding, activation and development.
  • Democratize products and help personally to close the biggest deals.
  • Work in collaboration with other teams, including engineering, product and marketing.
  • Determine the lead requirements needed to meet your sales targets.
  • Provide full visibility of the sales pipeline at every stage of development.
  • Establish and foster partnerships and relationships with key clients both externally and internally.


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