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International Expansion Strategy

International Expansion Strategy

Advice & marketing

+ Consulting and analysis
+ Marketing strategies

Technical support

+ Web development
+ Maintenance

Best ROI

Control your advertising spend and analyse accurate statistics.

Increase in turnover

Set up tools to sell faster.

Multichannel selling

A strategy to boost and optimise sales.

Creating new markets

Compare insights across markets to find opportunities for your business.

To better reach and understand its markets

Gain market share.

An expert team

Accelerate your project with innovative and creative digital tools, driven by our experts, whose sole purpose is to increase the performance of your business. Increase your turnover by measuring the performance of your market and discovering new ones.

Program from 2000 € HT / month.

Benefit from your free market research

Make an appointment online with one of our specialists.  

Explore market insights

Global marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important as companies become more international and markets more global. Although these strategies are centrally coordinated to achieve economies of scale and scope, location is also becoming increasingly important as consumer demand varies from country to country. The biggest challenge when entering new markets is to find the right balance between global strategy and local adaptation.

Compare the prospects between markets to find interesting opportunities for your company.

Google data

Country profiles

Economic profiles

Online profiles

Purchasing behaviour


Promoting your business

Creating an international marketing strategy

MAZE innovations provides you with the advice and the team to create or optimise a showcase website, an ecommerce website, a markeplace or a customised platform, to encourage users in your target areas to search for your company and to develop your brand awareness abroad.
Plan an effective international marketing strategy with our insights, tips and guides.

Implement a global marketing strategy with the help of our experts.

Advertising on the Research Network

Plan an effective advertising campaign on the Google Search Network with statistics and advice from our partners across Europe, SEO and SEA experts.

Measure your sales performance

Analyse and measure your business results with our digital tools and the help of our business development experts. We provide you with relevant advice on user behaviour, performance measurement, user experience and UI.

Find partners

Depending on your global marketing strategy, we set up your development schedule with the support of local partners and relays.

  • Marketplaces
  • Local partners
  • Strategic partners


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Des consommateurs consultent les avis en ligne avant d'acheter