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Boost Your Sales With An Augmented Salesperson

Boost Your Sales With An Augmented Salesperson

Consulting & marketing

+ Consulting and analysis
+ Marketing strategies

Technical platform

+ Web development
+ Maintenance


Automate your marketing tasks and improve your profitability. Help your sales staff to improve their lead management.

Train yourself in digital tools

Our team of experts work daily with you to train and optimise your processes.

Immediate results

Take advantage of a control on all or part of your sales process for immediate results:

+ More leads
+ Better conversion rate
+ Less time spent prospecting

An expert team

This programme led by MAZE increases business activity via a digital platform to maximise partner profitability through the development and execution of strategic business plans aligned with clear business objectives.

Programme starting at 1800 € excl. tax / month.

Grow your startup with Maze

Make a free online appointment with one of our specialists and get the support you need.  

Augmented commercial

Discover the devices that allow you to boost the performance of your sales teams at all stages of the sales process are growing.
4 axes are essential to fully enter the era of digital business:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): a platform that centralises interactions with customers.

  • An automation and tracking tool: Automate and track emails sent. Contacting prospects when they are in the process of deciding.

  • Sales intelligence: Exploit bigData and analyse millions of data from the web.

  • Social selling: Animate social networks and encourage your community to buy.

Ensure growth

  • Develop company-wide strategies to ensure optimal performance.

  • Develop and execute business plans.

  • Identify opportunities, determine strategies, allocate resources, realise profit potential and achieve short and long-term goals.

  • Develop strategic partnerships and leverage existing partnerships to enable sustained growth.

Marketing responsibility

  • Ensure effective market coverage:
    Define appropriate sales KPIs and manage branding, design, promotion and marketing strategies.

  • Launch branding and sales strategies:
    Enhance current offerings and ensure brand/service effectiveness across all platforms and defined territories.


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